Advanced Pest Control Services in Saskatoon

Advanced Pest Control (2002) Ltd. in Saskatoon takes care of many pests that try to invade your home and disrupt your lifestyle.


Ants come around the home in spring and summer, and where there is one there are many. They are more active in the sunny sides of your home. Our pest control experts will get rid of your ants quickly, using a combination of ant traps or chemical spray. After our application you will be able to start enjoying your home again.


Cockroaches are not only a nuisance pest, they can also spread disease to your home and your family. If you physically see a roach, spot roach feces or egg cases, or smell a pungent, musty odor, you may have a cockroach infestation. We will get rid of them by inspecting and treating available hiding places where cockroaches might live, including electric motors, electronic equipment, wall voids, and false ceilings. We may use powder, bait or spray to get rid of your infestation. We are your Saskatoon pest control roach extermination experts!

Bed Bugs

Advanced Pest Control Ltd also gets rid of bed bugs so you can sleep soundly. Bed bugs appear like tiny, brownish red dots and will show up on your sheets or under the mattress. They can leave painful bites on your skin while you’re sleeping and soon they go into other rooms of your home if left to their own devices. We get rid of your bed bugs throughout your home so you can sleep comfortably again. Come to us for your Saskatoon pest control bed bug exterminations.

Silver Fish

Silverfish are teardrop shaped insects measuring up to 19mm in length. They thrive in dark damp places such as your attic, kitchen, or bathroom, and are especially attracted to paper and damp clothing. Because they reproduce quickly, an infestation can go unnoticed for long periods of time. If you find paper, clothing, and wallpaper ripped for no reason, you may have silverfish in your home. We will eradicate them from your home quickly.

silverfish extermination saskatoon


wasp extermination Saskatoon

When wasps enter your home, it often starts with one or two but if left alone, they could build a nest, resulting in a full infestation. Whether you have several wasps or have a hive, our exterminators get rid of your wasps in a clean and sufficient manner

Mice & Rats

Mice and rats are a common and bothersome pest to have in your home. If you dont see the mice or rats, the signs you may notice include droppings in your home or scratching sounds in your walls or ceilings. Traps or bait are used to get rid of rodents. We also inspect your home and seal problem area’s where mice may be entering your home.

wild mouse


Gophers can be a problem mainly in parks and school grounds. They can do a lot of damage to your property by digging holes in your lawns. Bait or trap can be used to get rid of your gopher problem.


Pigeons are a problem on decks, under rooftop air units, ledges, and areas that provide shelter. They may be harmless but their feces can deface buildings and leave decks very dirty and unusable. There are many ways to get rid of pigeons like spikes, reflective tape, or netting.

pigeon removal


spider removal saskatoon

We also get rid of spiders, who like to live in dark, damp places. We can get rid of your spiders in the interior or exterior of your home.

Sow bugs

Sowbugs are actually a land-living crustacean. They look like flat ovals and are about one centimeter long with several sections, seven pairs of legs, and two sets of antennae. They like damp spaces and often hide outdoors under logs, rocks, flowerpots, and trash cans. The best way to prevent sowbugs is to ensure they have no place to hide. Extermination around the exterior of your home in the summer months help keep the sow bugs from entering your home and appearing on the inside in the winter months.

sow bug removal


Fleas can easily be transported into your home on your pet’s fur, which is why it’s important to treat your pets with protective flea treatments. They also need a blood host to survive. To get rid of fleas, we treat the infected areas and discourage their return.