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Preparing for a Pest Control Treatment

Our exterminators at Advanced Pest Control in Saskatoon want to help you prepare for your extermination treatment. We have created specific preparation sheets for bed bugs, cockroaches, crawling insects, and stored insects. There are several details to consider, including removing all food items from the kitchen, removing items from on top of the bathroom sink, preparing fish tanks, and general cleaning. Click on the buttons below to view each sheet and read the directions according to what needs to be done in your home.

Air conditioners should be turned off 24 hours prior to treatment. If possible, also turn the heat up as far as possible. On the day of treatment, the premises will need to be vacated for 8-10 hours, so arrangements should be made for this.

For best results, all cloths in dresser drawers and linen closets must be put through the dryer on high heat for a minimum of 45 minutes and placed in sealed containers or plastic bags. All cloths hanging in closets can be left as is.

Clear all entryways. We will be bringing in large equipment and will require easy access throughout the house. Pull bookcases, dressers, TV cabinets and other furniture 6 to 12 inches away from the wall. Bed frames can be left in place. Unplug all electronics. Waterbeds must be drained, and air mattress deflated.

Except for the items mentioned above, please leave everything else in its place. This includes furniture, electronics, computers, etc.


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